Looking Back: 2008 Part 3

This is the final part of my review of popular articles on my news websites during 2008. It follows part 1 and part 2, but it can be enjoyed on its own, like an nice ripe cheese. Unlike one friend, I do not like cheese for breakfast.

  • Are Your Free Software T-Shirts Ethical? This question got a lot of views, but no answers yet. Again, those statistics surprised me.
  • Away From Keyboard was a listing of events I attended in early September, with some links to summaries in the article and the comments. (I can’t find my Bristol Knowledge Unconference report just now. Did I post it to another site?)
  • The Trouble With Big Webmail built on my past comments about Yahoo and broadens them to Hotmail/Live and GoogleMail. I’m still convinced those sites remain popular because they are good at marketing, rather than being good at email. In fact, they’re so bad at email, almost no-one should use them.
  • Pulling One File From a Plesk Backup – It seems I wasn’t the only person not to know about that.
  • Nestle Boycott 20th Anniversary seems to be the only time I wrote about boycotts this year, surprisingly (I know I’m pretty militant and direct-action-y), but what more deserving target?
  • Which Social Bookmarking? was by far the most popular article in November and it also got lots of helpful comments. I posted my review and choices (such as they are) a few days ago.
  • Bristol Alternative Christmas Quiz. Everyone loves a good seasonal quiz, it seems. I didn’t get to it (arrrrrrrrrgh busy!) but I hope it went well for BWCC.
  • Smart Tricks with ssh was only the second meme-like post to make the “most popular” list this year.
  • and it’s still a bit early to evaluate articles from late December! I may add a few to this list later.

Happy New Year 2009, in case I don’t see you before then!

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