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SPI February 2011

The regular monthly board of SPI (Software in the Public Interest, the contributor-run non-profit which supports debian, drupal and many other projects not beginning with the letter d) is on IRC this evening at 20:30 UTC in #spi on irc.oftc.net. … Continue reading

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In Berkeley or Boston? Want to work for a co-op?

Our four comrades over at Quilted co-op are looking for a new worker-owner, either a project manager, a developer (Drupal, WordPress, Rails, Perl and/or PHP), or a designer based in Berkeley or Boston. The eventual plan is to all be … Continue reading

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Welcoming a helping hand

I’ve added the lovely k’s Helping Hand to Koha Community Blogs. I’m particularly pleased to see a site combining both Koha and Drupal, two of my current favourites. A bit more about the background to the site is over at … Continue reading

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What’s an Interest Group? An Association? A Foundation?

I thought that Koha: Users and Developers of Open Source (KUDOS) and Koha Libre Association (KohaLA) were both Koha Interest Groups, but Nicole’s post about ALA Midwinter makes me think I’ve got it wrong: “KUDOS (KOHA Users and Developers of … Continue reading

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Recent Events: London LinuxExpo, Toronto Free Software and Open Source Symposium, Public Sector Online, Get Online Day, the Global Financial Crisis, c&binet

Today’s the last day for the Gov.UK Consultation on Forced ISP Snooping: Please Say NO. I didn’t get to LinuxExpo, partly because of Monday Machine-Mangling Madness but I saw LinuxExpo 2008 — Robert Castelo from the Drupal point-of-view. I also … Continue reading

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