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An Introduction To The Debian Project by Leslie I’Anson – Tuesday, 16th February, Manchester

This talk at Manchester Free Software’s meeting is covering the question: “From the literally hundreds of GNU/Linux distributions in existence, what makes Debian special?” For our co-op, it’s that “Debian GNU/Linux, like all GNU/Linux distributions, is the product of a … Continue reading

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Some Good Does Come From Ubuntu

I’ve been mouthing off about Ubuntu again, after the forthcoming release parties were advertised in some pretty inappropriate places, lamenting: “Ubuntu has taken a voluntary-sector aim-for-100%-free distribution, built a private-sector free-and-non-free distribution and gets more love and free marketing from … Continue reading

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Youth Freedom and an IRC Q+A

Advertisers try to “get ’em young” to get them buying their wares from an early age. So why don’t we advertise freedom at young people more? The younger we make them aware of freedom, the more time they’ll spend defending … Continue reading

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Friday Opinion Request 2: Are Your Free Software T-Shirts Ethical?

News reports have described the use of forced child labour for cotton harvesting in Uzbekistan, which is then used in t-shirts and so on, including those sold by some major shops in England like Asda/Wal-Mart, as I mentioned on the … Continue reading

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