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What’s in a name? Co-operative in names at Companies House

This was a Freedom of Information request to Companies House. The request was partially successful. I asked: “How many companies have been incorporated with the word co-operative in their name in the last few years and how many have been … Continue reading

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Three Strikes: Out?

The Guardian reported this week that “rights holders will have to obtain a court order before punishing persistent offenders by reducing or cutting off their internet connections.” This is an important step in the right direction. For too long, rights … Continue reading

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Sharing git repositories

Our co-op uses the git revision control system pretty extensively, both directly and through etckeeper. With more workers, we’re keeping more shared copies of our git repositories. So inevitably, we ran into permissions problems. Thanks a lot to Moser for … Continue reading

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FOSS Freeskilling, Bristol, 7pm Tue 13 Oct

Sean Kenny emailed us to tell us about an event in Bristol: “This week’s Freeskilling is called Who needs Microsoft? and we are meeting at the Better Food Co. Cafe, St Werburghs @ 7pm Tues 13th Oct. Ben Smith will … Continue reading

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Co-op Sells Boxed Fairtrade T-shirts

I’ve done a bit of investigating ethical Free Software T-Shirts here in the past. Even when they’re available, it seems a bit odd to buy a fairtrade t-shirt and then get it in plastic wrap and/or on a plastic hanger … Continue reading

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Tricky question for a worker co-op: @CooperativeWave

This isn’t a problem which many companies have to deal with. It’s simple for lots of them: ignore things like climate change except when laws or public relations (or employee relations?) require otherwise. As far as the company is concerned, … Continue reading

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BikeWeek 2009

Bike and Co-op It’s biiiiiiikeweeeeek!</noddy> Once again, I’m supporting BikeWeek. I generally use a bike as the first leg of my work journeys, although my company doesn’t have a “Green Travel Plan” yet. It’s mainly the time taken writing such … Continue reading

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What do you want to tell a Social Enterprise Summit?

There is a Social Enterprise summit in London in May with cabinetoffice.gov.uk/thirdsector. As part of representing TTLLP to Cooperatives-SW, I will be at a regional workshop this afternoon “to enable the sector to input the summit”(?). More detail is available … Continue reading

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Voice09 LiveBlog

After a few hiccoughs, I’m trying to gather live coverage of Voice09 in Birmingham today and tomorrow over on the software.coop site. I have access to the wifi, but picture uploads will mostly have to wait until I can bugfix … Continue reading

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Annual Reports Finished for Now

So now our annual reports have been submitted. Despite the problems with the tax office mentioned in that article, it all seems to have come together just in time. In general, we’re in pretty good shape at the moment. I … Continue reading

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