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Russel Garlick writes on behalf of the KohaCon10 Organising Committee: “KohaCon10 starts on October 25th in Wellington, New Zealand. We have an exciting line up of speakers on a range of topics related to Koha and [Free and] Open Source … Continue reading

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Hi, Why Are You Doing?

In a great post a few days ago, Jono asks why you are doing free software and reminds us to remember it. It’s quite easy to lose sight of our goals and motivations while working on the day-to-day tasks. This … Continue reading

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Talks: RMS Kosovo, MJR Plymouth

RMS will be visiting Kosovo today to speak at the national library. There is no entrance fee, however the number of seats is limited to 250, so please register by writing to register@flossk.org. Less illustriously, MJR will be visiting Plymouth … Continue reading

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An Introduction To The Debian Project by Leslie I’Anson – Tuesday, 16th February, Manchester

This talk at Manchester Free Software’s meeting is covering the question: “From the literally hundreds of GNU/Linux distributions in existence, what makes Debian special?” For our co-op, it’s that “Debian GNU/Linux, like all GNU/Linux distributions, is the product of a … Continue reading

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Goodbye to an LLP Co-op

The Tool Factory closed its doors on 31st December 2009. As you may remember, our co-op is one of few LLP co-ops and we mentioned 2amase LLP in our case study as one of the others. 2amase were closely linked … Continue reading

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As One Association Closes, Another Network Begins

The Association For Free Software (AFFS) seems to have been finally wound up last week. So long, AFFS was Richard Smedley’s view of it. I actually left four years ago (when I wrote State of the AFFS – site currently … Continue reading

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Some Good Does Come From Ubuntu

I’ve been mouthing off about Ubuntu again, after the forthcoming release parties were advertised in some pretty inappropriate places, lamenting: “Ubuntu has taken a voluntary-sector aim-for-100%-free distribution, built a private-sector free-and-non-free distribution and gets more love and free marketing from … Continue reading

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Co-op Sells Boxed Fairtrade T-shirts

I’ve done a bit of investigating ethical Free Software T-Shirts here in the past. Even when they’re available, it seems a bit odd to buy a fairtrade t-shirt and then get it in plastic wrap and/or on a plastic hanger … Continue reading

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OSI and FSF Licence Approval Comparison

The Open Source Initiative and the Free Software Foundation are probably the two authorities on what is free and open source software that are better respected than the debian project. It’s fairly easy to see that the famous licences (GNU … Continue reading

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Setting up and sustaining a global FOSS-based business (Ian Lynch)

Another Monday, start of the working week and I’m thinking about business again. Ian Lynch of The Learning Machine is a smart cookie who I’ve collaborated with before. He leads a free-software-based business which is very different from TTLLP’s cooperative … Continue reading

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