2009 Top 10 Software Cooperative News

Amazon Kindle Un-selling Books was the most-viewed news item on my blog this year. Once again, a lock-out/bad-business story takes the top spot. I don’t think that one got as much coverage in the mainstream media as they usually do, which probably contributed to the relatively high reader numbers. I feel like I get criticised often for commenting about business ethics, but it does seem to attract a fairly big audience.

The repost of Tribute to Richard Rothwell came a fairly close second. Again, not something that the mainstream tech news covered. “the world is a sadder and lonelier place without him, and the rest of the world has lost one of its brightest stars.”

Top-placed technical item was HOWTO Apache httpd 2.2 PAM Authentication Modules which was a distant third. It was posted in late 2008, but I suspect that will keep getting viewers until everyone’s upgraded. It’s currently the top recipient of search engine traffic for the site.

Other technical stories in the top ten were Windows 7: Released with known critical bug in fifth, ssh security in sixth and Top 8 J2ME MIDP Applications in tenth place.

The only completely non-technical topic was the Cooperatives-SW Board and Housing Enquiry in ninth place.

Cross-over topics complete the ten with 2009 Software in the Public Interest Board Election in fourth place, New #ukgovOSS Action Plan in seventh and Meeting about forming a Koha Foundation in eighth.

Finally, I think the strangest three search phrases ending at my site this year are “spi bike week”, “request free t-shirt” and “will britannia building society demutualise“.

Happy New Year! Found any easter eggs in your web stats?

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