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Respond to the European Consultation on Library RFID

As you may remember, our co-op is working on various RFID (radio tags instead of barcodes, basically) extensions for Koha. One of the main ethical concerns about RFID is privacy – if done wrong, it could become quite easy to … Continue reading

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Koha in Book Industry Communication

Our co-op has joined Book Industry Communication as an associate member, mainly in order to voice experiences of the Koha community and ourselves about RFID tag standardisation and related sustainable development. I want us to give the Free and Open … Continue reading

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Welcome to

At last night’s #koha community hand-over meeting, it was felt that the LL/PTFS transfer could easily delay community control of the previous koha website for 3 months, so HLT should register a fan site for community members to put the … Continue reading

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The Koha Company-go-round

While I was under snow last week, the world saw a flurry of Koha company news. We found out that PTFS is to acquire LibLime and ByWater Solutions and BibLibre are partnering for the U.S. With the past ByWater Solutions … Continue reading

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Koha Blogs Page Back Online

The Koha Community Blogs was broken over Christmas. It’s now back online and using the same collection of feeds as the microblogging services. A full list of Koha Social Networks is on the wiki.

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2009 Top 10 Software Cooperative News

Amazon Kindle Un-selling Books was the most-viewed news item on my blog this year. Once again, a lock-out/bad-business story takes the top spot. I don’t think that one got as much coverage in the mainstream media as they usually do, … Continue reading

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On The Road, #online09 and #koha

It was great to meet the newest member of our co-op yesterday and discuss a new ethical business referral network, but I’ve barely spent any time back at home and I’m heading out again, partly to visit online09 and IMS, … Continue reading

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Top 10 Crimes of Developer Engagement: a common problem?

savs seemed to agonise about posting it but I think his Top 10 crimes of Developer Engagement is spot on even if it might not be as amusing as Aral Balkan’s similar message. I think it applies to my recent … Continue reading

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Who wikis Who in British Librarianship

It’s great to discover this experimental wikified version of W. A. Munford’s Who was Who in British Librarianship 1800-1985 (1987). As a statistician who has strayed into serving libraries, I don’t know many of the famous names and a lot … Continue reading

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US Defense or Sirsi-Dynix – which is more credible?

Most librarians probably already know this, but maybe the programmers don’t yet. A SirsiDynix Corp lobby paper against Open Source technologies escaped onto the internet. SirsiDynix is a competitor of our co-op with products that compete with Koha. They’re also … Continue reading

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